Saturday, December 5, 2009

Movin' Right Along

If you now have that classic tune from The Muppet Movie in your head then good. That was my intent. So our intake interview went very well and we are now in the throws of paperwork. On the one hand, the paperwork is nowhere near as bad as I was anticipating. It really isn't much more than the paperwork I've done for a new job and a security clearance. As long as you manage it properly (which my wife is doing a great job on) it isn't very intimidating. Mind you this is for a domestic adoption - international adoptions, I've heard, are a whole different ball game. All that said, there is something a little irritating about all the paperwork. Yes, yes I know there is nothing more precious than a child and the paperwork is there to make sure that adoptive parents will provide a safe, stable and loving home. However, I just can't help but feel a little put off by it all. I mean biological parents don't have to have classes, background checks, interviews with social workers and all that. They just decide to have a baby and then do. I'll tell you - after getting to this point in the process I think ALL parents should have to go through this. It would be a much better world for children if they did.

So as I'm looking out the window at the snow and looking at our still undecorated tree it occurs to me that while this may not be the last Christmas without a child, the number of Christmases without a child is limited. Now I've always enjoyed the Christmas season but the knowledge that I will soon have a child to share it all with makes me very happy.

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  1. yes, all adoptive parents feel the same way while in paper chase. I remember how much resentment I felt having to do so many interviews, answer such intimate and prying questions, filling paperwork after paperwork. I think all told we had a binder that was easily over an inch thick full of paperwork. ALL parents -bio or not ought to go through a similar process.