Sunday, November 29, 2009

I've read many blogs over the years but this is my first. Just about every blog I've read has talked about the difficulty of the first post. As someone who does a fair amount of writing for work I always thought - "How hard could it possibly be? It's just a blog." Yeah - so now I get it. The title is probably not obvious but it is a play on a few different things. It started off as "AdoptionDo" playing off the English "do" since this train is finally starting to move and also the Japanese "do", which is the word for path or way. The genius of the title came from my wife who, when I told her the title, automatically assumed it was "AdoptionD'Oh" in honor of our love of the Simpsons.

So this is going to be a blog mostly about our adoption journey. I can't promise that it won't veer off into unrelated topics - in fact I can guarantee it will. Our lives can't and shouldn't be focused on adoption to the exclusion of all else. Allowing that to happen seems like the top of the slope (thoroughly greased) down to helicopter parenting and a child that never moves out of the house. While our journey toward having a family began years ago, it seems like the right time to start this blog as we have our intake interview with the Barker Foundation tomorrow. I expect a long journey with lots of ups and downs but the second we look into our child's eyes it will all be worth it.

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