Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Autobiography

Why is it the most daunting piece of paperwork in our adoption process should be the easiest to write? How hard is it really to tell the story of your own life? I mean, who knows it better? Of course, therein lies the problem - you know it all - the good, the bad, the ugly and sometimes it can be hard to separate them all. Not to mention that, of course, you're looking to put your best foot forward but still seem genuine and "real." Heck, this document doesn't even go in front of prospective birth parents - it just goes in your file. But still, the pressure is on to write the "perfect" story. Like any writing I know the hardest part is just starting and it gets easier from there. So that, I think, will be the rest of my afternoon - a perfect task for the aftermath of the 09 Snowpocalypse. When it is done I will post it here for posterity.


  1. I remember my parents working on that part of their paperwork before my brother Jacob was adopted. You'll do fine! Good luck!

    Katie Jett Walls

  2. I am so excited for you and Julie. I wish you both the best and am so excited for you both!
    You will be a great dad!!!