Sunday, December 13, 2009

"I was looking for something in a red, suede pump..."

Today Bill and I held our fourth annual holiday open house to benefit Mary's Center, an amazing child and maternal health provider in DC. We had at least 50 friends here and everyone brought toys for the kids served by Mary's Center. It was just awesome to see so many do so much for these families. I think that's what I love most about the holidays -- that it really brings out our most giving selves.

Those of you who know me really well know that I have a thing for shoes. And this weekend I bought this gorgeous pair of 5-inch platform red suede pumps. As I tramped around in these killer shoes (literally and figuratively), I realized that my days in high heels may be numbered. I don't see myself traipsing around in hot shoes with a Baby Bjorn strapped to my chest. Of course, that might just be my own mommy signature look... (Though the chances of falling over are probably not worth the fabulousness...) But I think I'll enjoy these high heel days while I've got them, and hope that I have good reason to wear more mommy-appropriate footwear soon.


  1. Hi Future Mommy, you don't know me, but ask Future Daddy, he knows who I am and can vouch for me. You may not be able to wear those sweet heels not because you don't want to teeter in them with a baby in tow, but more likely than not that baby of yours will be sticking her/his feet in them and commandeering it. At least that's what happens in our house.

  2. oh no! you can definitely still rock the heels with a baby. not as often or for as long, but oh yes you can!