Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh, right! We have a blog!

Once upon a time there was this woman named Julie. She and her husband planned to adopt a child and decided to create a blog to keep all of their friends up to date. But one day, Julie woke up from a long summer and realized she hadn't put up a blog post in THREE MONTHS!

Suffice it to say that if there was major news on the baby front, we would have posted something. We promise not to leave everyone out in the cold when we are matched with a potential birth parent or get wind of anything that might be exciting. The only news on the baby front is that the agency's fabulous director mentioned that they were getting busy again for the fall. Perhaps another nod to the "Blizzard Baby" phenomenon?! But we haven't heard anything about a potential match yet.

And, since we were *bored* (or something), we decided to buy a house. OK, not really because we were bored. The prices, low interest rate, and knowledge that our baby is indeed coming made us decide to move forward. So we are leaving our beloved Arlington for the big city! I always thought we were pretty cautious people (OK, Bill is cautious. I'm more impulsive.) but we started the loan pre-approval process on August 3 and we close on September 20! Super fast! It's a great row house in a fab neighborhood and we are psyched!

I figure that one of two things will happen. Either we will move in and 15 minutes later the phone will ring and we'll have a baby on the way, putting me into cardiac arrest, or we will move in and busy ourselves so much with unpacking, making the house fabulous, and throwing dinner parties that when the phone rings we'll be completely surprised. Hey, whenever that phone call comes, I'll be over the moon!


  1. You are too funny. "oh right, we have a blog!"

    I can't believe you bought a house! Congratulations! How completely exciting! And scary- no landlord to call if something breaks. Whatever you do, do not call on my husband to help with any "home repair." I do NOT recommend him. ;)

  2. Thanks for the update Julie! I hadn't checked in a bit but you guys have been on my mind. Congratulations on the new house - and I can't wait to hear that the phone call came with the news you are waiting for!

  3. Remembering how it was like to be in the middle of a wait, I won't ask how that's going. But do tell us how you guys are and what you're up to these days, it's so quiet here. BTW, can you FB email me your address, I only have the old one.