Sunday, June 6, 2010

Still waiting...

Not much happening, but I'm feeling lame that we haven't posted anything in awhile, so I thought I would at least put something up since I know people are keeping their eyes peeled for news!

We know we've been shown at least once to a birth family, so that's good. And while we're bummed that the fabulous Director of Domestic Programs at our agency has stepped down, she is being replaced by the equally-fabulous social worker who did our home study, so I hope that will help in some way, since she knows us so well. But at the end of the day, the birth family makes the choice, so it's still very much up to fate and when it's meant to be.

In the meantime, I'm trying hard not to be totally restless. We still have plenty to do -- we need to get the nursery together and start registering for the things we know we'll need so that if we get a call with little notice, we can just pull things off the registry and be ready to roll. And we need to research child care options and get ourselves on some daycare lists.

But it all still seems far away and sort of unbelievable. It's hard to remember a time when we weren't wanting to try and have a baby or actively trying to have a baby or grieving the loss of a baby or filling out paperwork to adopt a baby. And while I logically know that little Green-Murray is on the way, it's still really hard to imagine. But I can't wait! I hope that phone rings with good news soon! Come on, phone call!

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