Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Off to the Races (almost)

The photo book and dear birthparent letter are done and IN from Shutterfly! The agency seemed to like it and our social worker used the word "love" three times to describe it, so we done good! They look so, so nice and I'm really pleased with how they capture our spirit and energy! Oh, you'd like to see it? Sure! I think it'll work if you just click HERE.

We'll deliver them to our fabulous agency in the coming days. The only thing left outstanding is the issue of my FBI background check. Since I have unreadable fingerprints, they have to search me by name, which I suspect means they won't find me because, to my knowledge, I am not a hardened criminal. But we've been waiting on this to get taken care of for 3-4 weeks now, so hopefully we'll have that done soon. Because when it does, we are officially out there, waiting for our baby!

So I am officially allowing myself to start the fun stuff -- we got rid of some old furniture this weekend and bought a lovely, compact desk that will sit in the corner of the nursery. It will house, among other things, our new MacBook (which we HAD to have for the baby, of course). We have a little more re-org to do on that room and then we can paint, get a crib, and start decorating! FUN FUN FUN! Thanks to all the friends who have been sharing their lists of what we do and don't need -- if you have advice, please share.

A colleague told me today that I'm glowing and I have to say, I've never been happier!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that book! (I have been ignoring MY child, while reading through your book, oops!) The front pic is great, but I think I especially like the pics of you guys as babies and the hairstyles of your parents. HA!

  2. Excellent job!! However as your former teacher, I expected nothing less than an outstanding effort and outcome: the most important "research paper" you've ever written and you did have the most handsome and fabulous partner with which to work 8-)

    Seriously, a wonderful book, reflective of you and Bill and your desire to provide a family for a child. Bravo!!!

    Here's to a very short wait and a joyous outcome!

  3. great job Julie! Glad things are moving along!

  4. homes, i am SO excited for you two and i love you so much! the book makes me weepy in a good way...i am so thrilled for you and so proud of y'all's journey through pre-parenthood and know you'll make wonderful parents! (and as aunt, i promise to always carry gum and candy to slip the kid while you're imploring it to eat his/her peas!)

  5. Yay! That's awesome news. The book looks great btw. Exciting times ahead for sure.