Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another step forward

Good news today! We heard today from the Barker Foundation that they have received all of our paperwork and assigned us a social worker. The next step for us is to schedule our appointments/interviews with the social worker. After the four interviews the social worker will write up a report that hopefully approves us. At that point we need to put together something of a scrapbook (more like a photo album with words) about Julie and I that will be put in front of birth parents. Then it is up to the birth parents to choose. Could be a couple of months or closer to two years but it will happen. Exciting!


  1. Congratulations Bill! It's a long journey...I know. We were on the adoption path for a long time too, but it's difficult and much longer here in the Netherlands (5 years+ waiting time). I'm glad your journey will much shorter.

    Good luck!

    xx Lori